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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Menu Board for our Kitchen

I put together another item for my orange, blue and gray kitchen. It is funny, I am working on all of the accessories for the kitchen, but I have no motivation to do the hard stuff. I really should be redoing the cabinets. I think it is because I can do these projects in a couple of hours, I know the big stuff will take much longer. Anyway, here is my latest project.

I got the frame at Goodwill. It was super ugly, but I saw the beautiful potential. I painted the detail on the frame in orange, then when it was dry, I dry brushed the light blue over the whole frame. Letting a little of the orange come through. I love it.

The print with the pans, I got as a freebie on another blog. I feel so bad because I do not know where. If someone could tell me where, I will link it back. I just need to purchase some really strong magnets now, so that it will hang on my fridge. Now all I have to do is pre-plan my meals and write them down with a dry-erase marker every week. So excited.

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