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Friday, March 11, 2011

So Tired, so busy, and Proud of my Wisconsin Repulican Senate and Assembly

Yawn, Happy Friday,
My new puppy, Josie, has decided as of late to awake at 5:30 am. She barks and whines constantly until we release her from her kennel. I am a morning person, but not that early. The sad thing is once I am up, I am up. I cannot go back to sleep, well at least not for a few hours, and well by then it is time to be up. Ugghh. Otherwise she is a pretty good puppy, and she sure is cute.
My new job is going great. I love working for my hubby. I have the hottest and sweetest boss ever. Guess I can't come home and ever complain about him to him. However, I am busy and just plain tired. I have crafted as of late, but have not had the energy to post it. We are getting internet at work next week though, so hopefully I can start posting then.

I also cannot do this post and not mention the Wisconsin Union Debate. I have always love politics, and have an opinion about most things. May not always be the most educated opinion, and I will be the first to admit it, but I do care. I am so proud of my fellow republicans for getting the job done. They were elected by we the people, and have had the guts to do there job, even if the rest of the county does not like it. I am praying for them, that they will stay strong in their convictions, and safe during this trial.

Anywho,  have a great weekend


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