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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Job

Happy Tuesday,

So I have been away again. I actually did some crafting this weekend. I will have to post what I made one of these days. I have come to realize that there is now way I can blog everyday. However, since I am doing this pretty much for me, that is okay. I have started working for my hubby this week. He manages the family owned business. My grandfather ran a metal salvage yard for years, and now my hubby does. He had gotten so busy that he worked all day, and did the paper work end at night. He worked all of the time. Well that is where I come in. I am now his secretary/errand runner. He is really great on the bookkeeping, but not the organizing, so I have been busy. He built Allie and I a nice little office/play area. He has let me decorate it to my hearts content. I will show pictures once I get it all done. It is nice to be out of the house on a daily basis again, and Allie really seems to be enjoying being a t work with Mom and Dad. We are soon going to have Internet out there, so maybe I can blog better again then.

Hope you all have had a great Tuesday,


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