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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goodwill Owl Collection

Good Morning Sunday, It is a pretty good morning. My poor little Allieroo has been pretty sick since Friday. I took her into the Dr. and they said it was just stomach flu. Her temp. got up to 104 F so it was not fun. She thankfully seems to be a lot better today. She only has a low fever, and her personality is back. I am glad because today is my nieces, Natalie's, second birthday. I can't believe she is two. I was hoping we could all go but we shall have to see with Allie. Anyway, Happy Birthday Natalie, I love you.

 I picked up some goodies the other day at Goodwill. I only have a before picture on one of them though. I have begun a collection, and everytime i go to Goodwill I find another piece to add to my collection. Here is what I found.
             This is it before. Kind of cool this way, but not what I want so I painted it.
                    This is it afterwards. I loved a mirror paint to give it that shine. I love it.

Here is a picture of my growing collection. All of them were very ugly to begin with, but with a little paint, I think they are awesome.

I also made another great find there the other day. I have been teaching my girlfriends how to make hair pretties the other day. One of them is a yo-yo clip. Easy to make, but I found a bag of them already made the other day. This was great for the group of Junior highers I was teaching. They did not seem to have the patience to make them.
Well anywho, I hope you have a great Sunday.

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