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Monday, May 23, 2011

Old Vintage Hats for the Kiddo

Oh Happy Day! We had quite a weekend here. Sick kid, terrible storms, and a birthday party. Thankfully kid is better, terrible storm damage stopped about a mile away, and the birthday party was so fun. A tornado touched down close to our home. Several trees down, some houses were damaged, and a few injuries. We were not home at the time, and thankfully nothing happened here other then a couple of trees down. Praying for those who were not so blessed.
A year ago we moved into our present home. This is where we plan to be until our dying day. It is out of town, on 40 acres and has a huge barn with it. This barn has been filled with wonderful treasures. We got it pretty much emptied, but every once in awhile we still find some goodies. The other days I found these.

                                 This is Allie's favorite. She likes to wear it backwards.
                       Here is another one. She is a rockin Sleeping Beauty.

Obviously they are not in excellent condition. They were filthy, many had permanent stains, and a few had some serious moth damage. However, they are so cute, and they were made for a little child. They fit my daughter perfectly. If you cannot tell from the pictures above, she loves to play dress up, so this was the perfect find. I love old things, and to think about where they have been and who else wore them. Allie is going to share a few of these with her best friend, Breelia. I hope she likes them too.

Well I hope you all have a nice day. Off to redo a craft project that I was not in love with. Will share soon.



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