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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Makin Misfits Mine Monday on Tuesday

So Yesterday, I got out of the house for a little while to do some grocery shopping. I also headed to our local Goodwill. I ran into a lovely friend of mine, Carrie, and scored some awesome things. I picked up a bunch of t-shirts so that I would retry my failure of a dress for Allie. More on that later. I also got the following beautiful items.
 They are pewter candlestick holders. When i saw them, they literally took my breath away.The detail on them is just beautiful, and I love how they have tarnished.
                                                    I have two of these, I just love the detail.

                       This is my favorite one, sorry for the crappy picture. I am not quite sure where they are going yet, but they will find a wonderful home here. I love them. I just love old things.

I also scored these beauties. I am going to repaint them, but I love the detail. These are going to go on my living room wall, that is still being put together.

                                     There actually is another little one two, but I couldn't find it.

What a well worth it trip to the local thrift store. I love finding wonderful things like this. I hope you all have a great Tuesday. It is actually going to be in the upper 40s today, and sunny for once. I so need the sun, I am sick of the gloom.

Shelly :)


Bringing up babies said...

WOW!!!! LOVE THEM ALL!!!! I am so jealous of the mirrors! TOOOOO Pretty!!!!!

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