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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bakugan Birthday Gifts

Happy Tuesday. I get to relax from my busy weekend. Kind of silly to think that taking care or my twin, potty training niece and nephew as relaxing from the weekend. We had a busy one. Friday, I went to a card making party. Saturday, I finished birthday presents. Sunday, we had the birthday party and a Super Bowl Party. I live in Wisconsin so yeah Packers. Yesterday, I had a friend stop over and we went to supper at another friends house. Good but exhausting weekend.
My nephew, Simon, turned six last week. His parents had his birthday on Super Bowl Sunday. He is into lots of typical little boy things. He loves Bakugan. I have made a pledge to give handmade presents for everything this year. I have a lot of little boys in my life, so I am a bit nervous about this. So far, I am off to a good start.
               I bought a plain shirt and set of sweatpants from Walmart, and personalized them.
  I found the picture on-line, and downloaded it into my Silhouette program. I printed and cut it out on heat transfer for dark clothing.This was my first heat transfer project. I know supposed to be easy, but I did not have a good time with it.
  I was always told to mirror your image unto the heat transfer. Well I did not realize that you were not supposed to do that on this heat transfer stuff. I printed everything backward, and had to redo some letters. I only had three sheets of the stuff, so I had to be careful. This is why the letters to not all match, but I like the way it turned out. My nephew loved it.

He also has tons of Bakugans, but no way to carry it. When I saw the carrying case that you could buy, I realized it was just a glorified crafting embroidering floss case.
This is the one that you can buy in the stores.
I thought, I could make something like that. So I bought a case that can carry up to 15 Bakugans, and sewed a case with another heat transferred symbol on it.

 I was pleased with the way it turned out, and Simon was excited for a place to put his toys. I also was happy because I got my sewing machine to work again for this project. It has been sitting idle for over a year because I thought it was broken. Not anymore, yeah.

We went to supper last night at the Hillemeyer's. These are Allie's true friends. She talks about Anna Leigh and Caleb all of the time. Caleb and Allie are only 5 weeks apart so that is fun. Here is a picture of them right before bed.
I have another birthday present to show you tomorrow. I love it, and it took me forever.



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