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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bedroom Organization

Hello All. I am so sorry that I have not posted in a bit. I don't really have too many excuses, but I have been busy. Blogging takes time. I have many projects that I have been working on, and not too many finished. The main one is reorganizing and moving around three rooms in our house. I think I said a few days ago how we moved into this house at the end of last May. It was a paneling, nightmare from hell, and needed lots of help. I got it set up for the now, but now I know more how I want it to be. We are making the playroom into a craft/model train room. Yeah! Now the rest of our rooms can get some order.
My least favorite room in our whole house is our bedroom. It had awful brown paneling, which I painted. That has made it better, but I had to paint it colors that goes with puke green, shag carpet. That is hard. We are not redoing the carpet since we are building a whole new house in a few years, so I had to deal with it. I chose a yellow and orange. I like both of these colors but not for a whole room. Anyway, the room also became my craft and laundry dumping ground. Not a relaxing room, and definitely not romantic. Here are some before pictures.
               Why make the bed, when the rest of the room is a disaster:)
                           The only window in our room, wish we had another one.
               Crafting and stamp collection chaos. It really was an organized disaster lined next to our bed.
                         Our overly stuffed closet. It goes way back so we can hide things there.
    This is next to the closet. I hate dressers for clothes, and the shelf was not working. I like everything being out and open, and neatly folded. Things had to be done. We have one of those lovely slanted ceiling rooms, so a little hard to work with. After rearranging furniture, taking several items down to the new craft room in progress, getting rid of some things, and building a new shelving unit it is so much better.

  The TV and dresser are now where the bed used to be. We can actually sit up in bed now. The TV is actually going out to my new office next month, we never watch TV in our room anyway. The dresser now only holds sheets and blankets.
   This is the wall that the dress and TV used to be on. I finally have a great place for family pictures. I am going to cut out a vinyl saying to go above the pictures on my Silhouette SD soon. You will see that when it is done.
     The bed is now positioned where the old crafting disaster was. So much better, and we don't constantly bump our heads all of the time now. I want to do something different with bedding, and make a headboard. That will come with time.
       This is the new shelving to replace the overstuffed book shelf of clothes.So much better.
             This beautiful barrister book case was in the back of our cramped closet. I removed the glass doors for now, and it holds our comfy clothes.

Anyway, that is my bedroom. I still have things I want to do, like get some hooks, replace curtains, and add some romance. For now the decluttering will help on the romance aspect. Hope you enjoyed the tour. Hopefully I will talk to you tomorrow.


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