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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finger Knitting and a Present for my Friend

Happy Tuesday,

Back to the work week. Well my week isn't bad. Watching the kiddos at least lets me be home so that I can craft. I learned something new today. I have always wanted to know how to knit. My great-grandmother tried teaching me when I was about 8, but it did not happen. I have a very talented woman from my church who has offered, so now I just need to take her up on it. In the meantime, I came across this tutorial on finger knitting It is geared towards teaching your kids, so perfect. It was so easy, and I made this for my daughters teddy bear.

She loves it, and she even helped pull the yarn over my fingers. I know she will be doing this on her own soon. So much fun.

I also took two of the plain t-shirts from the post yesterday, and remade them into a wonderful present for my friend. Well at least I think it is wonderful.

The pictures are not great, but I made the scarf thing around my neck. It is really cool. I followed this tutorial on Shwin & Shwin I absolutely love it, and I think she will too. I am going to make myself one.

I also made her the following. My model is my niece, Leah, and my daughter. However, it fits me too. That is good because my friend has a my size head.

I didn't use a tutorial, but there are gobs of them on the web. I covered a headband with the t-shirt fabric, and then made three rosettes. I used some old buttons, and the top of some antique hat pins that I inherited. I love it, and so did my daughter. I made one for her and I to share. I can't wait for my friend to open it. I am off to a good start to the year for my pledge to make all of my gifts this year. So much fun. Well that is all for today. My aunt is coming over tomorrow to craft, so I will have hopefully something cute to show you.



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