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Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Misfits Mine Monday and Answered Prayer

Happy Monday Everyone,

What a weekend. Some things good and some things not so good. On the good note, no great note, my friend's baby is still here. They took him off of everything on Saturday since no change had happened. Well despite what the doctors told them, he is still here. He even is looking around, and moving a little. This can be explained by no other then God. They still do not know what damage has been done, or what the brain activity is like. I believe they plan to be doing more tests soon. I realize that this does not mean he is out of the woods, but God has shown His power already. Miracles still happen everyday. We also had a good time with family on Saturday. We went to look at a house for my husband's sister, and had a Green Bay Packer party at our house. I could care less about football, but the boys were happy the Packers won. Josie, our puppy, is doing great with house training. She has only had a couple of accidents in the last few days. Yeah! The bad note, I got really sick Saturday night through some of today. Glad I am better. My hubby had to work a lot this weekend, so I did not get much help. Thankfully my daughter and new puppy are pretty mellow and like to chill.

My daughter and I did some low key crafts this weekend, to keep her occupied. We melted some of her broken crayons into some new ones.

                                              Allie peeling wrappers off of crayons
                                           Helping me break the crayons(Nice Face)
                                                     Here they are ready to melt.
                                              Here they are done. So nice to not waste them.

We also did a snowman craft with Marshmallows. I got the idea here  This was Allie's first time with Elmer's glue, and she did great. I drew the outline of the snowman, and let her place the rest where she wanted. She has her own interpretation of a snowman, I guess. :)

                         This one definitely goes in the scrapbook.

I also have a couple of items for Making Misfits Mine Monday. We went to Goodwill on Saturday and got a couple of things, and my aunt went through her closet. Got some great clothes to wear right away, and a couple for recycling.

                                        I collect Blue Glass, and I was so excited to get this for $3.
                                           Pretty cute! Going to add something to it for V-Day.
                                           Plain t-shirts, but I already have great plans for them.
                                           These are too short, but I have some great ideas for these.
These are ugly, but I will come up with something.

Well that is pretty much it for today. Have to get supper going before the hubby gets home. Talk to you all tomorrow.



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