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Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Flower Frames

Hello all! Are you ready for the weekend? I totally am. My mother and father are taking Allieroo for the night so that me and the hubby can have a night to ourselves. What are we doing with this night? Going out for supper, and then playing volleyball. I love the going out to eat part, not so much the volleyball part. However, my husband is really happy that I am coming, so that makes me happy. He said I could play a little, and then go read a book and watch. Sounds good to me.

Anywho, I have a project that I did for a Christmas present to show you. However, it is actually geared more towards Valentine's Day.

I took three ugly frames I had and redid them to be beautiful. Here is how I did it.
three frames
three pieces of scrapbook paper that coordinate and will fit frame
Mod Podge( I used glossy)
rhinestone accent
colored card stock for flowers
hot glue
paint of your color(I used some white paint)

I took the three frames and painted them white. This does not have to be done great. It is just to cover most of the ugliness, and the sides of the frame.

When they were dry, I traced the outside, and inside of the frame on the backside of the scrapbooking paper. I did this will all three frames. I then cut the squares out of the paper, and made sure they fit the frame just right.
I then coated each frame with Mod Podge, and then stuck the piece of paper on it. I made sure to get all of the bubbles out. I also coated the top of the paper to give it a glossy look.

 When I had them all done, I reattached the back of the frame. You could put a plain piece of paper in the frame, but the flowers I made covered it up nicely. I made the flowers using this tutorial over at Whipperberry  I absolutely love this flower, and it is so each to make. I then attached a couple of rhinestones at random on the frames, and looped a piece of matching ribbon through the eye bolt at the top.

I really did not want to give them away for a present. My cousin ended up with them though. She just got her first apartment, so it is nice that she will have some fun decor. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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Emily {WhipperBerry} said...

Those are so cute! I'm so glad you are using my flower tutorial! Thanks for sharing, I love it when I can see what other people have done. Have a great weekend!

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