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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let the Blogging Begin!

Well it is 2011, and I am ready to start this whole blogging thing. I have become thoroughly addicted to reading other peoples blogs, especially crafting blogs. I feel a kindred spirit connection to most of you, and so I will join the masses. I am going to warn you all in advance that I am not an English specialist, so i am sure that my grammer will not always be great. My photography is also not first rate, but you will get the jest of my life.
My little family and I just got back from a week up north at my in-laws cottage. We were totally refreshed, but then we did something silly and picked up a six-week old puppy on the way home.

Her name is Josie, and my daughter is completely excited about her. Well we all are.
Anywho, I have been up a lot the last few nights with this little cutie. I am tired, but the potty training is going well. We are using the crate training technique. Will keep you up to date about how this goes. I also started watching my 2 1/2 year old niece and nephew again today. Two more months to go before Allie and I start going to work with dad. I am excited. My husband manages and part owns a metal salvage yard. I am going to be his receptionist soon. Should be fun.

Here are My Goals for 2011

  1. Lose 30 pounds again this year, and this time keep it off. I can lose weight, but it comes back too quickly.
  2. While losing the weight, I want to run my first 5K. I learned I really like running. I just need to keep at it.
  3. Become more consistent in doing my daily devotions.
  4. Help start a pregnancy loss and stillbirth support group at our local hospital
  5. Make some aspect of every gift I give this year.
  6. Keep up to date on this years scrap booking, and start getting caught up on years past.
  7. Finish my kitchen.
  8. Read 100 books, and at least 20 of them need to be learning type books not just for pleasure.
  9. To many more goals to list, but I will talk about them throughout the year.
Well I really look forward to getting to know you, and for you to get to know me. I am ready for this journey, but please be patient with me. I am learning all of the ins and outs of the blogging world.



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