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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yarn Wrapped Frame and Photo Boxes

Hump Day, yeah, the middle of the week. My aunt was supposed to come over to craft, but she must have forgot. That was okay though, I got a couple of projects done today. Both of them with my new Silouette SD. I will show you them tomorrow. Today I will show a couple more things that we did this weekend.
I have a frame hanging in my daughter's room, with a very old picture in it. The picture is nothing special, but cute. The frame was even less special. A $3 generic from Walmart. Well I am trying to upgrade my accessories in the home, so it got a redo this weekend.

                                           Here is the "beautiful" frame before.
                                I wrapped it with yarn. The yarn changes color, so it is lighter in areas.
I then added paper rossettes. Much cuter, and I love it now.

My Allieroo got a really cute photo box kit for Christmas from her Aunt Susie. She was very excited to work on it.

                                          Here is the item. No I do not get paid by Crayola.

                           She really loves to paint, and picking out the paper and stickers was her heaven.
These are the final results. Not bad at all for a 3 1/2 year old. I am thrilled she loves to craft. These are going to hang in our craft room which does not exist yet. When I am done watching the kiddos, we are turning the playroom into a craft room. Allie will like this better anyway. She really only plays with toys when other kids are here. Otherwise, she likes to do whatever Grant and I do. Mom likes to craft so, so does she. Well that is it for today. Have a great day.
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Katie @ EyeSpyDIY said...

I love the yarn on the picture frame, how cute!

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